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Tomacevska c. 3, 1000 Ljubljana

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The eternity and durability of stone represent eternal life. By changing the form of the stones we try to obtain forms which portray various symbols of life, death, eternity..., or appealing forms dedicated to the memory of our dear departed.


In our company, we focus on the wishes of our clients. Together we try to find the most optimal solution in the design and production of gravestones, or accept your ideas. We also perform other stonemasonry services, such as grave renovation, inscriptions on gravestones etc. Here, there are only a few examples of what kinds of gravestones can be made, but of course there is a variety of forms possible, from the most simple to very complex. Also, materials for gravestones can be different (granite, marble, limestone etc.) and in combination with bronze, brass and aluminium castings or accessories that are made of glass and stainless steel.   


We are aware that gravestones bear witness to the culture of society and of the time when they were made. Therefore, a lot of attention is attributed to design. With modern means which are a reflection of modern times and the progress of technology we try to preserve elements of heritage in terms its content and design. Read more about design by clicking on the link below.


Different types of gravestones, from modern to classic, are manufactured exclusively from solid stone elements, without concrete, as only solid stone can defy our weather conditions for a long time.



Read more about planning and designing gravestones >> >>




We recommend that you come personally to our place of business in Tomačevska 3 in Ljubljana or to our workshop in Jezero 97. We will consider your wishes and provide you with a sketch of the gravestone together with a non-binding pro-forma invoice.


You can let us know when you intend to visit us by phone or at one of the e-mail addresses. If you wish, we can discuss and look at possible gravestones at the cemetery or your home. In case of an order, we will take care of the installation regardless of the geographical location.



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