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We manufacture and mount shelves as well as claddings for stairs, pavers, balconies, walls and façade surfaces from different types of granite, marble, limestone and other natural stones.


For external floor and façade claddings, granite is used, or marble, limestone and sandstone intended for outdoor use. For interior claddings, all natural stones are suitable, however, they must be properly selected depending on the purpose and load.


Natural stones can be treated differently on the surface according to the appearance and intended use – most often they are polished.


Polished surfaces pose the risk of being slippery when wet, therefore they are not suitable for paving external walking surfaces.


The basic surface treatment is cutting, which is suitable for outdoor use as it does not pose the risk of slipping. Because the surface does not need to be treated any further, such a treatment is also cheaper than other surface treatments of natural stone. The second surface treatment is sandblasting. A sandblasted surface looks very similar to a cut one, but is more evenly grained. A flamed surface is even coarser than the sandblasted and the cut surface. The surface becomes unevenly rough, and its resistance to slipping is the greatest of all the described treatments. Due to their rough surface treatment, cut, sandblasted and flamed surfaces are suitable for paving external walking surfaces.


We offer all types of internal or external claddings. We take care of the whole project, from the supply of material to installation.


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